Fantasy Overview


Realm combines in a single product esports, digital collectibles and fantasy gaming. Esport players compete in a daily competition where they earn a rating that qualifies them for large prize pooled tournaments. Players opt in to have their card played in the fantasy game, and in doing so, can earn 30% of the revenue off each card sold.

Esport viewers also compete on the platform. Viewers of esport competitions purchase digital collectible trading cards which represent esport players competing on Realm. These viewers turned fantasy esport managers use these fantasy cards on a bi-weekly basis in a fantasy esports game. Fantasy managers can play this game completely for free if they choose.

If no players opt in, we will discontinue the fantasy program. We are aiming to create a fun way for fans to play alongside their favorite esport players, while also supporting their favorite players in a similar manner of a twitch subscription.

  1. Onboarding

    1. When you sign up to Realm as a manager you’ll receive 10 common cards from both EMEA and NA Regions.

    2. You can view your player cards under “My Collection”

    3. Now you can enter an upcoming tournament from the “Play” section of the platform.

  2. Buy a Card

    1. Cards are bought directly, in a pack or on the secondary marketplace. There are a limited amount of packs per season. There is also a limited amount of cards per player that can be in circulation.

    2. There are different tiers of cards. They include Common, Sapphire, Diamond, and Obsidian, and Opal.Common cards can not be purchased or sold. Sapphire cards can be purchased through card packs or the marketplace or be obtained through competitions. Diamond and higher tiers can only be purchased off the secondary market or through winning in competitions.

  3. Secondary Sales

  • Once a manager acquires a card, it can now be sold on the secondary market. Players earn 20% off each card sold on the secondary market.

  • Fantasy Cards are listed at a price determined by the manager. Other managers can offer lower prices than the listing. Realm takes a commission of 10% on all secondary sales, players earn 20%. That leaves 70% for the manager.

  1. Card Distribution

As of today, 1,111 cards maximum can be minted for a given player, every season. This excludes common cards which are unlimited.

1,000 Sapphire

100 Diamond

10 Obsidian

1 of a kind Opal

Realm has two levers to manage supply. 1) Choose not to release all 1,111 cards if there are not enough esport managers playing. 2) Release a new scarcity when demand increases.

  1. Playing the Fantasy Esport Game

Realm cards are used to build a fantasy lineup of 3 players to compete in fantasy leagues that take place in each tournament gameday. Managers are able to register their cards once, and there are different competitions for each level of card rarity. Each player card, regardless of rarity, has a tournament entry score between 0-38 points, similar to a Madden rating. This accounts for the entry cost. Managers then build a team that is equal to or under the threshold of points that it costs to enter a tournament. This means managers can’t constantly play the top players, but have to build a balanced team based on the amount and quality of cards that they own.

Initially there will be one league, starting with North America and Europe. Players are different in each region and don’t compete with each other, except for major tournaments. Within each league there are divisions based on card rarity. Each division has it’s own requirements based on the rarity (scarcity) of cards that are authorized.

  1. Rewards

Each competition rewards the best managers with Realm cards. Some cards, including Obsidian and Unique cards, can only be earned by competitions. You can buy them on secondary marketplace from other managers, but the only way to get them initially is by winning.

  1. Gamification Tiers

  • Users are only able to buy Sapphire and Diamond level cards. Obsidian cards must be earned through gamification.

  • When a player joins they are able to enter tournaments with common cards that are given to them for free upon registration.

  • The common cards are not able to be listed on the marketplace, and are only used to get players playing with the ability to win cards of one higher tier (Sapphire) above.

  • By competing, players are quickly able to earn Sapphire cards if their team does well. This has two competencies 1) it teaches players how to play the game and 2) shows them how to earn more cards through competing.

  • Each player has a Player Rating which will equate to a number of points that that player costs to enter a match. This number is called the player rating

  • Each match has a maximum of 80 points in total player rating that can be entered into a single match. For instance if a card has a payer rating of 38, another card with a PR of 26, and their final card with a PR of 16, that would be the maximum amount a manager could enter into a single match.

  1. Manager Matchmaking & Match Rewards

Managers compete at four different levels. Common, Sapphire, Diamond, and Obsidian. Players must have 3 cards at any level to enter a Match. When players join Realm they are gifted a pack of 10 random cards from each region. Everyday, managers can log in and they are able to claim a new card from 5 randomly assigned options.

  • The manager navigates to the Play portion of Realm where they are able to enter a team.

  • Each tier has 3 matches at each card level. When players first join, and get their pack of cards, they are only able to enter at the common level unless they purchase a pack of Sapphire cards.

  • An unlimited number of participants are able to register for a match as long as they have enough cards at that level.

Point Scoring System


  • We award points based on player match performance in Realm

  • We use fractional points

Scoring for Players per match played:

  • Kill: 2.5 Points

  • Assist: 2.5 Points

  • Damage Per Game: 0.005 Points per damage point

  • Headshots: 0.01 per Headshot

  • Placement Points:

    • 1: 12 Points

    • 2: 9 Points

    • 3: 7 Points

    • 4: 5 Points

    • 5: 4 points

    • 6-7: 3 points

    • 8-10: 2 Points

    • 11-15: 1 Point

    • 16-20: 0 Points

One Match from a player might look like this:


2.5 Point





2 Point





.005 points per 100 damage




Placement Points

Placed 1st



.01 per headshot






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